Marilyn Harris' FUTURE STREET

"The amazing thing about FUTURE STREET is not only the remarkable writing and singing abilities of Marilyn Harris. It goes beyond fine arrangements and solos.  The lyrics to these songs are hip and they swing like mad.  This music goes beyond the boundaries of music alone. There are stories here to make you smile, make you feel good and to even shock you.  I hope this is just the start of more to come from this gifted artist interpreting it all from humor to pathos through the magic of her song."
                              - Peter La Barbera, Jazz Zine

"Marilyn Harris, a very talented lyricist-composer, has a highly appealing voice, is a fine pianist and shows both sensitivity and great wit in her lyrics.  FUTURE STREET has 11 of her best songs including several (including 'Dorothy Parker,' 'Future Street,' 'Insomniac' and the very funny 'My Dissipation') that should become future standards."
                              - Scott Yanow, Author of "Jazz On Record" 1917-76

"The songs!!!  They're smart, funny and lyrical with great heart.  All the things I wish I could be when I grow up!  Keep on doing what you're doing!  Sounds to me as if you're doing it right."
                             - Gene Seymour, NY Newsday

"FUTURE STREET is superb!  The singing and playing, the arrangements and the band, all were just great!  And from you, I would have expected nothing less.  Congratulations to everyone who had a part in making this the terrific musical document it is!"
                            - Marvin Stamm, Jazz Trumpet Legend

"Anyone who despairs of the current state of American song hasn't yet heard Marilyn Harris' new CD FUTURE STREET.  Musical sophistication, a sassy wit (but with a warm heart), timeless singing and world-class musical performances fill every track of this new jazz classic.  The heritage of the Gershwins, Cole Porter, and the Rat Pack lives on - updated in a way that's fresh and modern, but timeless enough never to go out of style.  A winner!!"
                            - Stephanie Bennett, Composer, Musician, Entrepreneur - Harpworld Music Co.

"I have been so captivated by FUTURE STREET - your lush voice, the classy music and lyrics, the amazing arrangements and musicians - all absolutely topnotch.  I've listened to the CD twice and just love it.  My favorites are "Dorothy Parker," "Sunglasses in the Rain," (you both sound terrific), and the classic "Lost in the Stars" (the way you deliver it made me weep).  Congratulations on a real tour de force. "
                            - Adryan Russ, songwriter

"Your album is smashing!!!  Very impressed by the great charts and musicians, and you're a great and hip singer!!!!  Enjoyed it immensely!"
                            - Meredith D'Ambrosio, Jazz Vocalist & Painter (www.meredithdambrosio.com)

"Marilyn's lyrics tell stories of love, life and depravity, nestled in beautiful vocals and divine arrangements."
                            - Barbara Brighton, Jazz Producer

"Wonderful arrangements, great instrumental solos, and your vocal work is sensational.  I knew you were good when I first heard you, but this not only confirms it, it is a really good demonstration of excellent jazz singing."
                            - Lew Spence, Songwriter ("Nice 'N' Easy")

"Marilyn Harris' songs are slyly constructed gems full of wit, craft, and musicality.  Blend contemporary jazz stylings, engaging lyrics, with Marilyn's hip vocal treatments, and FUTURE STREET takes you on a jazz joyride with lots of interesting turns.  I have it in my Ipod!"
                            - Steve Ford, Composer, Steve Ford Music

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