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BEST FRIENDS: Gustav, Liesel & Oskar

Oskar@Vet 9/3/02 Oskar Howls 9/3/02
Here I am at my Vet's office in
Fresno on a most exciting day!!!
With all the big changes going on in
my young life I need a good howl!!!

Oskar on the table. Oskar on the prowl
They put me up on the kitchen table to get a good look at me - and I look GOOD! I had to prowl around my new home 'cause a
stray rawhide chew could be hiding anywhere!!!

Oskar chews a rawhide Happy Oskar on Rug
Aha - I found a chew!!! Isn't life grand?!? I am one happy boy!!!

Gustav won't share! Aww!
Gustav won't share his chew with me - aww!!

Let's Wrestle!!! Wrestlemania 2
I've got a great idea, Gustav - let's wrestle!! Wrestlemania!!!



The Kids in a chair Oskar getting tired
I sure am enjoying my new home and new buddies!! With all this excitement I'm starting
to get tired...

Oskar - kickin' back!
After a long hard day of fun, I like to
kick back and relax with friends...

Oskar in bed sleeping
Wow - I've had a fantastic day!!!
I think I'll grab a few Zzz's - I can't wait
to see what happens tomorrow...

A special thanks to Jan and Ed Torrez for the great pictures of Oskar in Fresno!!!

(Meanwhile, one week later . . . )


Just don't stand there snapping
pictures, Dad - HELP ME!!!
All clean and dry - whadda ya think?

Seriously, aren't I just the cutest?!?

I really get into chewing
my rawhide bones!!!

Oskar & Gustav on Mom
Oskar & Gustav share a relaxing moment on top of Mom.

Well, another exciting day! Who knows what tomorrow will bring?!?

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