Young "rocker" Marilyn
A young Marilyn works on the chords (1965)

MJH Promo Shot 70s 
Marilyn's Head Shot from the 1970s

MJH Promo Shot 90s
Marilyn's Head Shot from the 1990s

Marilyn's Head Shot from 2003

Soulful Marilyn
A soulful Marilyn performs at the piano (Fall 1974)

Marilyn Plays for Newlyweds
Marilyn serenades the happy newlyweds

Mellow Marilyn
Marilyn strikes a mellow chord

DayDreaming at the Keyboard
Marilyn daydreaming at the piano (1979)

Marilyn Looks Serious
Marilyn strikes a serious pose (1979)

The New American Jingle Classic
Marilyn & Mark camp it up in this 1982 Trade Ad

Marilyn Producing
Marilyn producing an orchestral session at Evergreen (1984)

Marilyn writing music
Marilyn writes out the violin part (1996)

Marilyn & Hale Smith 2002
Marilyn with her teacher & mentor Hale Smith (March 2002)

Marilyn performs at the Jazz Bakery in Los Angeles (January 2004)

Marilyn performs at Birdland in New York City (January 2004)

Marilyn rehearsing at the Catalina Bar & Grill in Los Angeles (March 2004)

Bassist Chuck Berghofer, Marilyn & Drummer Scott Breadman
after an appearance at Spazio in Los Angeles (July 2004)