Musician Photos

Buddy Rich @ Jazzmobile

Buddy Rich @ The Jazzmobile in Harlem


Tom Greto - Mixing BTL

Tom Greto mixes Marilyn's album "Between The Lines"


Marian McPartland

Marian McPartland 2

Marian McPartland plays
at Rockefeller Center

She enjoys it as much as the audience!


Steve Rodby

Mara Purl

Steve Rodby in the studio

Kotoist Mara Purl reflects...


Mark Walker

Percussionist Mark Walker in the studio


John McNeil

John McNeil 2

Jazz Trumpeter John McNeil

John makes some changes to the chart


Maria Velasco

Richie Pratt

Maria Velasco, who knows
most every song!

Drummer Richie Pratt


Billy Panda

Guitarist Billy Panda lays down the groove.


Stan Shafran

Stan Shafran, who introduced me to Nancy Wilson & "I'll Remember April"


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