BEST FRIENDS: Schultz & Frankie

"Hi! I'm Schultz - I'm a 4-month-old
salt & pepper miniature schnauzer!"
"My Dad looks so happy that I'm here!"

"It's really hot on the porch!" "Max thinks it's really hot, too!"


"Hi, Dad! I think you're
really gonna like me!"
"I do like snuggling with Mom!"


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"Dad makes such a nice comfy pillow." "I'll just catch a few Zzz's in Dad's arms."


On Schultz's first night with us, Max the Mensch got in the crate BEFORE his new brother Schultz, just to help him calm down and feel at home!
(Max was "promoted" and has been a "bed-dog" since last November!)


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"Yeah - I'm lookin' at you!" Extreme Schnauzer Closeup!


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Max zonks out on the cloud. "I like to zonk out, too!"


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Max & Schultz share a bed
in Dad's office.
"I got a haircut on my back and rear end. I'm not sure that I like the clipper!"


"Mom & Dad's friend Marie Cain sent us this lovely sign for our kitchen.
It's important that people are aware that this is MY place to cross!"


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"I like to sleep on Dad's desk - that way he can't ignore me!" "I like snoozing on the big bed
in the living room, too!"


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"I just can't imagine what I've done to deserve time in the crate - I'm innocent!" "Max could use a haircut and a bath."


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"Then again, I could use a haircut, too!" "I got my first big-boy haircut on Labor Day - aren't I handsome?"


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"3 weeks later I'm growing like a weed!
14 pounds and 14" high at the shoulder!"
"I'm STILL innocent! To whom do I appeal this ruling?!?"


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"I like to relax on the couch." "This is one of my fashion model poses - ain't I cute?"


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"After chasing the tennis ball
for an hour I'm beat!"
"I'll be posting more pictures soon!"


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